ZP-510 Diesel Anti-Gel

Anti-gel formulation corrective treatment for low temperature gel problems in #2 diesel fuels and other middle distillates used in cold temperatures as low as -40° degrees.

What To Expect: Since diesel engines normally develop more power and get better mileage with #2 fuels, it is to the operator’s advantage to use the #2 grade both winter and summer. Using ZP-510 allows diesel engine operators to lower their winter operating costs by using the #2 fuels instead of the blended fuels. Also, it helps to avoid fuel system maintenance; plus, equipment downtime related to fuel problems. Treatment of storage tanks with ZP-510 is simple and easy. It mixes readily with the fuel. The ideal method is to add ZP-510 just before fuel delivery. Treatment of a vehicle fuel system is also simple and easy - just add the specified amount to the vehicle fuel tank prior to refueling. Over-the-road trucks can carry sufficient highly concentrated ZP-510 to last till they return to their base.

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