The Team

A. J. Wichita

Mr. A. J. Wichita, a former U.S. Navy engineering officer, founded the company, Aqua Shield Chemical Company, to manufacture silicone lubricants and sealers in 1963. In 1968, this company expanded into additional maintenance products and in 1977 acquired the rights to market Nitro-9 Additives. Some of the major oil companies…

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Monica Williams

Monica Williams became a member of the team in 2012. As General Manager of the company, Monica works side-by-side with A.J. Wichita, and also manages customer service and marketing the Nitro 9 product. Prior to working with A.J. Wichita at Nitro 9, Monica managed Westminster Trading. A company hired to rehabilitate residential and commercial properties. Monica helped manage…

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Carl Wu

Mr. Carl Wu is our distributor in the Asian Pacific region. Mr. Wu came on board in 2006 and since then has been successful at spreading the Nitro 9 product line throughout the region. 寄件人: "CARL WU" Taiwan Brochure  

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