ZP-1061 “The Final Word” Penetrating Fluid

  • Extreme subsurface penetrant,
  • Shreds rust, gum, and ice,
  • Prevents oxidation,
  • Reduces Wear and Tear.

ZP-1061 "The Final Word" Penetrating Fluid penetrates subsurface metal and goes deeper than rust, gum, or varnish and unlocks frozen parts. Lubricates while leaving a protective film that displaces moisture, reducing friction, wear, tear, as well as oxidation. "The Final Word" is the world's fastest penetrant.

How It Works: It goes into the metal and prevents the part from tearing the metal surface as the separation occurs. This highly concentrated blend, quickly penetrates and loosens rusted and frozen parts. Special additives enable this formula to lubricate by leaving a residual film that displaces moisture. This product reduces friction, wear, tear, and leaves a protective coating against immediate oxidation.

What To Expect: ZP-1061 "The Final Word" Penetrating Fluid will not harm sensitive electronic gears. It will rapidly penetrate through rust, gum and ice while protecting metal from oxidation.

Applications: Automotive Machine Shops, Oil Fields, Computer Industry, Fishing, Firearms, Printing, Mining, Construction, Textiles, Manufacturing, Marine, HVAC, Electrical, Agricultural, Plumbing, Refineries, and General Maintenance and Lubrication.

Available Sizes:1.7oz(50mL), 12oz(360mL), 1USG(3.78L)

Technical: Liquid - Light Blue Color - Combustible - 190° Fahrenheit Flash Point - Reactivity Stable - Harmful if Ingested.

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