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Half of the worlds oil reserves have already been consumed. Nitro 9 products were created to get the most out of what is remaining. Nitro 9 fuel additives create a new efficiency out of existing fuel products. Nitro 9 oil additives extend the life of the oil and equipment two to three times longer than commonly experienced. Its for this reason the major oil companies purchased our lubricants for more than four decades.

Experience the benefits yourself: Reduction of downtime in oil and gas production equipment is the reason our oil and fuel treatments were born. It is not the $150,000 cost to overhaul a diesel engine compressor that hurts so much. It is the $1,000,000 loss in revenue when the system is down. Even though we've saved our customers as much as 25.8% in energy costs with our products, downtime revenue loss is still a very critical area of cost followed by maintenance, labor, and parts. Our experience tells us we can reduce these costs by 60% and cut replacement costs in half. In an 87,000 hour test we have documented a life extension of equipment from 2 to 3 times.

Oil and Gas producers purchased Nitro 9 fuel and oil conditioners when fuel was 16¢ a gallon. The quality of fuel has fluctuated since then, and maintenance costs are out of sight. The cost of fuel, in a short time, will be much higher. Your equipment and downtime costs may not be as high as our other customers, but let us offer the advantage of preserving and protecting your expensive equipment. We can analyze equipment problems and tailor a maintenance program for you. When you purchase these fine Nitro 9 products we know that you will save more money than you spend.

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