ZP-708 Firearm Lubricant

  • Improves Precision
  • Prevents Shot Lead From Adhering to Barrel
  • Decreases Mechanism Blockages
  • Cleanses Bore of Fouling and Grease
  • Eliminates Rust
  • Protects From Corrosion
  • Barrel Surface and Subsurface Lubrication

ZP-708 Firearm Lubricant is an extreme pressure, sub-surface weapons lubricant that is very effective in getting between lead and the plastic fouling of the gun bore and letting it lift off.

How It Works: ZP-708 Firearm Lubricant was produced specifically to remedy problems for high performance firearms, but it provides a valuable service for all firearms. The subsurface lubricant goes in to the gun metal and lifts off lead flakes and other metal fowling left in gun bores. Metal fowling can lead to serious problems interfering with the accuracy of the firearm if not remedied with ZP-708 Firearm Lubricant.

A light coating of ZP-708 Firearm Lubricant will prevent rust from developing in the bore. Do not forget the chamber on shotguns. The gun chamber is subject to rusting from salt in perspiration. This perspiration comes from the personal contact of pushing each shell into the chamber.

What To Expect: ZP-708 Firearm Lubricant provides a restoration of firearms accuracy and precision, reduced risk of mechanism blockages, reduction of bore fouling, and increased defense against corrosion.

Applications: Acts as a lubricant, oil, bore cleaner, solvent, degreaser, fouling remover, and sludge cutter for all makes and models of handguns, shotguns, bolt action rifles, and high performance firearms.

Directions: Apply ZP-708 Firearm Lubricant to a cleaning patch and insert into the gun bore on a cleaning rod. Repeat with new cleaning patches needed until all lead and metal fowling has been picked up.

After cleaning, break-in the freshly cleaned gun as you would a new firearm. Clean the bore of the gun after each of the first few firings so that the bullet will burnish and season the barrel.

For a firearm that has been neglected for some time, we recommend the first effort of cleaning be given to a super-concentrated penetrating fluid called ZP-1062 "The Final Word" Penetrating Fluid. Unlike other penetrants and cleaners, it will not harm the metal if left on the surface for a period of time.

Available Sizes: 1.7oz(50mL)

Technical: Dark Grey Color Liquid - 290° F Flash Point - Reactivity Stable - Harmful if Ingested.

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