• ZP-500 Fuel Treatment

    ZP-500 Fuel Treatment

    Dissolves hard carbon formations such as lacquer, gum, varnish and wax from fuel injectors to improve combustion, acceleration and performance.

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  • ZP-505 Fuel Injector Cleaner

    ZP-505 Fuel Injector Cleaner

    Formulated for hard baked-on deposits created by the high heat of the diesel engine. It softens, cleans and disperses carbon, varnish and gum from fuel system and combustion chambers.

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  • ZP-510 Diesel Anti-Gel

    ZP-510 Diesel Anti-Gel

    Anti-gel formulation corrective treatment for low temperature gel problems in #2 diesel fuels and other middle distillates used in cold temperatures as low as -40° degrees. What To Expect: Since…

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  • ZP-515 Heavy Fuel Treatment

    ZP-515 Heavy Fuel Treatment

    Prevents growth of bacteria and fungi that contaminate diesel fuels, disperses sludge and water, controls gelling, stabilizes fuels and protects fuel systems from corrosion.

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  • ZP-518 Diesel Injector Cleaner

    ZP-518 Diesel Injector Cleaner

    An ash less dispersant designed to eliminate the formulation of carbon deposits on the hot surfaces of the combustion chamber and exhaust stacks. Eliminates burner nozzle plugging and carbon buildup…

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  • ZP-600 Transmission Blend

    ZP-600 Transmission Blend

    Super concentrate formulation prevents friction heat build-up reducing hesitation, revitalizing seals and reducing heat load. Reduces the frequent need for repair and/or replacement of transmissions.

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  • ZP-700 Engine Oil Blend

    ZP-700 Engine Oil Blend

    Provides crankcase lubrication beyond ordinary motor oil prolonging auto and truck life cycle making starting easier by leaving the bearings pre-lubed. Continued use reduces excess wear due to cold, dry…

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  • ZP-707 Motor Flush

    ZP-707 Motor Flush

    Intense pressure sub-surface lubricant that penetrates metal quickly removing surface gum, varnish and carbon. Prevents further deposits and contamination from adhering to the metal surfaces under operational heat.

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  • ZP-708 Firearm Lubricant

    ZP-708 Firearm Lubricant

    Prevents rust from developing in the weapon bore by lifting off lead flakes, and other metal fowling left in gun bore, leading to serious firearm inaccuracy.

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