nitro_logoOriginally developed by German scientists during World War II while looking for a replacement for oil, they discovered a lubricant compound able to reduce fuel and oil consumption while, at the same time, preserve metal by delaying the onset of metal fatigue, and increasing engine life spans.

In 1946, an American named John Heaton, realizing the potential for this miracle lubricant secured the rights to it and founded the company Champion Products Inc. to market what is technically known as vacclaisocryptene or "QX - the world's only under surface lubricant."

Among Mr. Heaton's first customers for this new product, and still customers today, was the U.S. Navy, the U.S Air Force, N.A.S.A., many of todays major oil companies, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In October, 1950, the U.S. Department of Agriculture declared, "There is no other known substitute" and QX (vacclaisocryptene) remains unique to this day.

Soon the use of QX (vacclaisocryptene) was adopted by the American auto manufacturering community and, in 1969, the mission critical lubrication specifications for the Lunar Landing Module and Lunar Excursion Module required QX (vacclaisocryptene) be used.

In 1957, Nitro 9 Lubricants, Inc. was founded by A.J. Wichita to distribute those same quality lubricant and additive products, recognized throughout the world for reducing engine emissions and extending equipment life spans, often as much as twice the expected life cycle.

Nitro 9 Lubricants, DBA Hi-Tech Oil Blends, Inc. has been a member in good standing with the Dallas Chamber of Commerce, The International Trade Round Table and The North Texas District Export Council. 

1963 - A.J. Wichita incorporated Aqua Shield Chemical Company to manufacture silicone lubricants and sealers.

1973 - Aqua Shield Chemical expanded into additional maintenance products by acquiring the rights to market Nitro 9 additives from the Southwest Molybdenum Company. Aqua Shield Chemical began servicing many of the major oil companies in the petroleum industry, of which many are still customers today.

1983 - Nitro 9 Lubricants, Inc. merged with Southwest Molybdenum Co. as the business expanded in the United States from five baseline additives sold in the oil industry to a complete product line of solutions for smoke and emissions reduction for internal combustion engines in cars, trucks, buses, D-9 caterpillars, maritime vessels.

1988 - The Nitro 9 lubricant line expanded to support atmospheric fired boilers operating on ships, in asphalt plants, cement plants, and other operations using low quality fuels.

1992 Hi-Tech Oil Blends, Inc. was established as a sister company to Nitro 9 Lubricants, Inc. to consolidate purchasing, packaging, and distribution for Nitro 9 Lubricants, Inc. and meet the demand for "private labeling" in the overseas marketplace.

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