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Wichita Wins Exporter Of The Year Award

For the last 20 years, A.J. Wichita, CEO of Hi-Tech Oil Blends Inc.,has been producing lubricants, additives and sealers under the Nitro-9 Lubricants brand and now has been awarded the SBA's Exporter of the Year Award.

Mr. Wichita's fuel additives, tire sealants and other products have appeared on the Formula 1 racing circuit, the Lunar Lander and in more than 25 countries around the world. The need for private branding in overseas markets led to the creation of Hi-Tech Oil Blends, which provides for the purchasing, packaging and distribution of Nitro9 Lubricants.

"Our main products are additives that help control emissions in low-grade fuels for countries that are trying to control smog levels," Wichita said. " We've done this very successfully for some time and continue to grow and expand our product line.

Nitro-9 Products are all manufactured in Texas. Headquarters are in Richardson Texas.

Donie Sasser of the U.S. Export Assistance Center nominated Wichita for the award, which will be added to his U.S. Department of Commerce Exporter of the Year Award and the Dallas Chamber of Commerce "International Business Achievement" Award. "We were very pleased to be nominated and then receive this award. American products are highly regarded for their consistent quality," says Mr. Wichita. "Patience and understanding of the different cultures overseas is key to success."

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