ZP-1000 Moly Grease

What To Expect: As in the case of the Moon Lander, it moved to a site 250,000 miles away and it had to land itself when it got there. The home office can not send a maintenance man so you must be sure of your lubricant. ZP-1000 performs in a wide variety of temperatures. This is why the parts on the Lunar Moon Module were lubricated with Moly Grease. AT SEA – After an offshore drilling rig has been scoured by rough seas, ZP-1000 will still be effective as the rig is jacked into place at 500,000 pounds per square inch on each gear tooth. ZP-1000 lubricants can cut the downtown, parts costs and labor costs so critical to today’s operations by keeping the equipment operating on the job. IN THE GRIT – ZP-1000’s ability to stay put and subvert grit helps to extend lubrication intervals. The exceptional cohesive and adhesive properties of ZP-1000 give it the ability to make a superior dust seal of its own and stay where the lubrication is needed. Special corrosion and rust inhibitors, excellent water resistance and extreme pressure properties help ZP-1000 Moly Grease resist failure even on over-loaded applications.

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