Nitro9 Selects Carl Wu for China Distributor

Nitro9 ZP-515 has been used successfully for several years in low quality oil fuels.
Mr. Carl Wu will soon be offering our additives to be used on pulverized coal power plants to reduce emissions and improve operating efficiency. For Northern China he will provide an anti-gel additive to keep diesel heating fuel from gelling when temperatures are below freezing. Contact Mr. Carl Wu at 886 932324497 or
Mr. Roger Kuo 886 911260521 (Taipei)
Dr. Charles Jen 86 130 5103 2535 (Beijing)
Mr. Sami Lai 86 139 0290 4750 (Guangzhou)

Nitro9 ZP-515 己經成功的使用多年在柴油和劣質柴油上
發動机正常運作。請聯繫卡爾吳先 886 932324497 or
Mr.Roger Kuo 886 911260521 (Taipei)
Dr.Charles Jen 86 130 5103 2535 (Beijing)
Mr.Sami Lai      86 139 0290 4750 (Guangzhou)

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