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How Does Hydraulic Antifoam Work?

How Does Hydraulic Antifoam Work?

Manufactured with a perfect blend of cutting-edge engineering, advanced by some of the most innovative minds, and meant to offer a powerful punch, ZP-900 Hydraulic Anti-Foam is the best of its kind. The top quality hydraulic fluid additive works with unmatched reliability in a plethora of sectors that aren’t limited to agriculture, automotive, drilling, construction, marine, and mining industries.

How Hydraulic Antifoam Works
It isn’t by mere chance that many regard it a marvel, as it’s a mixture of components engineered to allow for the optimization of every additive content in the hydraulic fluid. As hydraulic antifoam, it prevents the formation of foam while also acting as a defoamer to collapse any existing foam. The two tasks are no easy feats given the rigidity associated with foam, but an indeed refined antifoaming agent in this mixture makes that seamless and almost effortless.

With wet anti-wear lubricants and dry dielectric lubricants additives, the fluid further requires an adequate amount of pour point depressant, foam reducer, viscosity index improver, oxidation inhibitor and seal revitalizer. All these will inherently work excellently to reduce fluid lubricating and fluid oxidation life, albeit not like silicone de-foamants' abilities.

Of course, all hydraulic systems are prone to regular and sometimes problematic wearing, over-heating, oxidation, cavitation and leaks. With the additives inside the fluid, nonetheless, all these frequent problems are promptly solved.

Now, here’s the deal:
The two wet and dry anti-wear additives in ZP-900 Hydraulic Anti-Foam - literally - understand where the conventional liquid breaks down. The Pump, the Valve, and the Cylinder are other locations where this fluid delivers with unquestionable vigor, working to counter the wearing on their surfaces and subsurface.

With just a super-powerful barrier formed against the metal to metal contact, the amount of friction reduced for a smooth working can’t be possibly quantified. Pumps are naturally known for the crucial role, but slight strains often hamper their efficiency, adding more problems to the entire system’s efficiency. However, thanks to the many additives, the much-needed efficiency is, but a guarantee.

Eventually, friction build-up that would have meant heating, thus limited oxidation, varnish, sludge, and acids formation is tamed. On equal magnitudes, the valves are freed, making the hydraulic liquid last much longer than the conventional ones.

The Parting Shot
Evidently, this liquid’s work on the hydraulic system is beyond measure. Whether you call it a massive piece of engineering, a hi-tech liquid or just another uniquely valuable liquid in your system’s efficacy, rest assured that quality is a guaranteed!

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