How Does Gun Lube Work?

How Does Gun Lube Work?

Today, the media is constantly reporting about accidental firearm discharges and how these events can cause serious injury or death. One of the best ways to prevent an accidental discharge is with proper lubrication of your firearm.

gun lubeLubrication should always be a part of your firearm maintenance strategy. Not too long ago, people were actually saying to avoid lubricating firearms, but these days, they’re preaching the opposite.

The reason why many experts recommend using gun lube is because today’s gun lubricant is far more advanced than previous versions. Proper maintenance, which includes lubrication, increases a firearm’s durability, reliability and accuracy.

Where to Apply the Gun Oil

A number of firearm owners have no idea where to apply gun lubricant because nobody told them where to use it. In most cases, it’s best to apply the lubricant to all of the gun’s metal parts, but there is plenty of room for discretion. Different types of guns can require different lubrication strategies.

How Does Gun Lube Work?

Firearm lube can improve precision, eliminate rust, decrease gun jams and prevent lead from adhering to the gun barrel. One of the best gun lubricants on the market is ZP-708. It provides protection to the subsurface and barrel while cleansing the bore of grease and fouling.

It’s especially effective at penetrating the space between the gun bore and lead. This particular lubricant was formulated for high-performance firearms but works extremely well for all types of guns. Since it’s a subsurface lubricant, it’s able to penetrate the gun metal and remove lead flakes.

Metal fouling is one of the top issues that can severely reduce the accuracy of your gun. To prevent rust from developing on the bore, all that is needed is a thin coating of ZP-708. If you own a shotgun, it should be applied to the chamber.

One of the first areas to suffer corrosion is the chamber, which is usually caused by salt in perspiration, and the perspiration normally comes from the manual contact involved with pushing each shell into the shotgun’s chamber.

What to Expect From ZP-708

A major reason why ZP-708 gun lube is so popular is the fact that it’s made for extreme pressure, which is common in high-performance firearms. It protects the entire gun from corrosion, decreases mechanism blockages and cleanses the bore.

It also protects the firearm’s subsurface and barrel while improving shooting precision. The lubricant is very effective because it’s able to remove metal flakes from the important areas of the gun. Metals fowling can cause major firearm malfunctions and dramatically reduce the gun’s accuracy. A thin coating of ZP-708 can provide protection for the whole gun and protect it from corrosion.

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