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5 Benefits of Automotive Fuel Additives

benefits of automotive fuel additivesRoutine maintenance and annual inspections should be enough, but every hardworking car engine deserves an extra edge. Automotive fuel additives and fuel injector cleaners are staples at auto supply stores because they make a real difference in improved performance and extended mechanical life. Here are five benefits your engine enjoys when you treat it to the right ingredients.

1. Better Engine Starts - Quality fuel additives and injector cleaners contain special undersurface lubricant compounds that fight carbon buildup on cylinders, rings and valves. That increases cylinder head compression, so your engine turns over faster and cleaner even with early morning startups.

2. Reduced Exhaust and Emissions - If a cloud trail from the tail pipe follows you down the road, it's a sure sign of deposits in the engine's combustion chambers. Lubricant additives and cleaners reduce carbon buildup, and that helps clear the air and put a stop to the smoke signals.

3. Improved Performance and Acceleration - Dirty plugs and carbon deposits take a toll on performance that you can feel on the highway. A good fuel additive combined with an injector cleaner solves the problem of incomplete combustion and keeps you in the rush-hour fast lane.

4. Money Saved on Repairs - Lubricant additives and fuel injector cleaners can't keep your car out of the shop, but they significantly reduce the metal fatigue that wears out engine parts. That cuts down on mechanical failure, so you can spend more hard-earned cash on road trips instead of repair bills.

5. Cash Savings at the Pump - While improved mileage is a definite money-saving benefit of fuel additives and cleaners, don't forget your options at the pump. Gasoline qualities vary, but you can avoid filling up with expensive higher octane fuel. Additives allow your car's engine to perform just as well or better on lower octanes.

You don't have to be a master mechanic to appreciate the benefits of automobile fuel additives and injector cleaners. They're readily available and easy to use, and they're an inexpensive addition to your home auto maintenance program. Car engines don't last forever, but they live longer and perform better with a little extra care. Treat yours right, and you can look forward to many more miles and years on the road.

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