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While I was Superintendent of Schools I bought 5 gallons of your ZP-700 Engine Oil Treatment for our school buses which were experiencing major repair symptoms. We finished the year without any major problems… and additionally got a 27% improvement in gas mileage! I can recommend these products without reservations.

Edward G., Dell City

I had a four wheel drive pickup that was slipping in reverse. After putting 2 pints of ZP-600 Automatic Transmission Treatment I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. It eliminated the transmission slippage I was having.

Kendall J., Iowa

The transmission in my Mercedes developed a problem shifting, refusing to engage when changing gears. I had been told that an overhaul was the only cure. Instead, we added one pint of ZP-600 Automatic Transmission Treatment and drove the car as usual and within a short time the transmission was working like a charm.

David K., Texas

Without formal tests of ZP-518 Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner we could already see improvement in the Mercedes engine.

Bernhard M. , Germany

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